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Registry Overview


The registry is where developers can create and publish blocks or use blocks published by other developers.


You can find blocks that are published by Appblocks users here. Blocks are listed with all the necessary details. To make finding blocks easier,

  • Search - You can search for different blocks that cater to your needs by entering keywords in the search bar, as shown in the above picture.
  • Filter - You can filter the registry for blocks by the following conditions: Appblocks version, Language/Frameworks, Block Type, Visibility, Depedencies, Category

Visiting and using a block

When you click any Block in the registry, you are redirected to the Block Details page. It gives you all details about the particular block. There will be ReadMe, Versions, Block Dependencies, Composable Blocks and Variants. On the right side, you can see installation instructions. Copy and paste the bb-cli command in the CLI and use the block right away. You can also find the number of downloads, tags, version and other such useful information about the Block.



The ReadMe tab contains general information about this particular block. It may consist of pictures and videos with documentation.


The Versions tab will display all versions of the Block till date.


The same block with slight alterations or customizations.

Member blocks

These are child blocks that come inside a package block.