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Why Appblocks?


“Not all Apps require re-engineering. Much of it can be built using reusable blocks of code within composable standards.”

Large enterprises use their own composable framework enabling reusability and maintaining code quality. But these are not open to the rest of the world.

Appblocks addresses this need by developing a Universal Composable Framework that can be adopted by any individual developer or organization and also enabling collaboration between them.

Appblocks Framework

The ability to stitch multiple independently developed blocks of code together seamlessly is called Composability. And we call these “Blocks”.

To collaborate across multiple organizations/developers, we need proper standards to achieve app composability.

It all starts with standardizing the underlined data and is feasible with SDM (standard data models). Our vision is to create common data models which can be reused across apps so that inter-blocks/ apps communication is more seamless.

The idea is to build an ecosystem of connected blocks/apps.

So to accomplish this Micro Architecture, we follow “FaaS for backend” where every backend API endpoint is written as a function ( example )


Microfrontend (Webpack Module Federation) in the frontend, where we split the frontend apps into multiple micro-components/ apps and federated.

Design Principles

  • Reusability
  • Independent Blocks development
  • Independent version management of block
  • Independently testable modules - Auditability
  • Can have Micro Frontends for Frontend Development
  • FaaS for Backend Development
  • Blocks can be language agnostic
  • Pre Defined set of Standard Data Models.