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Show me the running blocks

Run bb ls

Tada! Now we have a working Todo app.


Okay, so let’s talk in detail:

  • In the above example, there is 1 UI Container(Host) Block, 2 UI Element Blocks, and 3 Function Blocks.
  • Container/ Host is running in 3001 ( might be different in your machine, use bb ls ).
  • To visit the application you have to open the Container URL in the browser since the container is the frontend orchestrator which stitches all the elements together.
  • CLI creates a local gateway server to proxy all the functions to run everything in a single port. ( here on 3007 port )
  • You can use .env.function to manage backend env variables, which will already have a gateway URL by default ( “BLOCK_FUNCTION_URL” ).
  • use .env.views to manage frontend env variables, contains remote entry URL of all elements.

Go to the commands section to try out more features that CLI provides.