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Appblocks Login

Creating a Block and Connecting with Appblocks

To create a block and leverage the advanced features of Appblocks, you need to log in to the Appblocks platform and establish a connection with your GitHub account. This connection allows you to synchronize your block code, version it, and even publish it to the Appblocks registry for distribution to other developers. Follow the steps below to get started.

Login and Authentication Process Open your Command Line Interface (CLI) and execute the following command:

bb login

This command will automatically open your default web browser and prompt you to authenticate the CLI with your Appblocks account.

Note: If you haven't signed up for Appblocks yet, you can find the signup option before the login process.

In the web browser, log in to your Appblocks account and complete the authentication process. This authentication allows the CLI to establish a secure connection with the Appblocks platform.

Note: The authentication process ensures that you have the necessary permissions to manage your blocks and interact with the Appblocks features seamlessly.

Benefits of Connecting with Appblocks Connecting your app with Appblocks brings numerous advantages for managing and distributing your blocks efficiently. Here are some key benefits:

Block Registry: Appblocks provides a centralized block registry where you can store and manage versioned block code. By connecting with Appblocks, you can synchronize your block code with the registry, ensuring a single source of truth for your blocks.

Registry Publication: If you wish to publish your blocks and distribute them to other developers, Appblocks enables you to seamlessly publish them to the Appblocks registry. This allows other developers to discover, use, and benefit from your reusable blocks.

Private Projects: Appblocks allows you to work on private projects without making any block public. By utilizing different spaces, you can organize and distribute blocks securely within your projects. This ensures that your private code remains confidential while still enabling collaboration and reuse.

Release Management: To make your blocks publicly available, you can create release-ready versions of your blocks within Appblocks. Once you have prepared a release, you can publish it to the Appblocks registry, making it accessible to the wider developer community.

To leverage these capabilities, it is essential to sign up and log in to Appblocks both through the web interface and the CLI.